Where Love Has Been



“This is a beautiful and uplifting story. The plot is engrossing, and the characters are very realistic and well developed. This book is definitely worth your time and money. I can’t wait to read Shenise Sampson’s next book!”

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“A story of loss, pain and redemption. Shenise Sampson takes us on a spiritual journey and ends at home where it all begin.”

—Amazon customer

“This book took me back so many years ago. I loved reading it. I will purchase for family members to read. Thanks for sharing.”

—Sabrina, Amazon customer


Where Love Has Been

Genelle Warren’s initial reaction to the first sign of conflict is to run away. So, for ten years, she has not been home. She has mastered the art of running away to avoid her past, her family, and the boyfriend she easily left behind.

But now she is left with no choice. Extreme circumstances call her back to her hometown. Aside from her sister’s upcoming wedding to an old flame, she has to deal with her aunt Bab’s persistent attempts at matchmaking. Things seem to turn from bad to worse, until Genelle discovers God’s plans for her life.

Through her family’s support and the help of a new love interest, she embarks on a journey of love, faith, and hope that will make her realize the power of God’s love. In Him, she has a chance to be changed and restored.

Shenise L. Sampson


Shenise L. Sampson has earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and radio-TV-film from the University of Texas at Austin. A prolific writer, she has coauthored and performed a theatrical work called Breaking Boundaries: Hear Our Voices. It was showcased in the Cohen New Works Festival. Currently, Sampson lives in Houston, Texas.


Genelle, showing no emotion on her face, watched her sister leave. She leaned back in the chair and stared at the envelope. She had no idea what was inside and debated whether to open it or not. Finally, the suspense became too much so she leaned over and snatched it off the desk. She ripped it open so fast that she almost gave herself a paper cut. Inside was a white, flowered invitation with gold and teal lettering. As she turned the invitation over, a photograph fluttered to the floor. Genelle reached down and picked it up, almost afraid to look at it. Her jaw dropped and her breathe caught as she stared at the smiling couple. Reeling from shock, she felt like her stomach was about to drop into her feet. Something was very wrong with this picture. Very wrong!

At the sight of her standing there slack-jawed, he stuck out his hand to greet her and smiled as he introduced himself, “Hello! You must be Genelle. My name is Jayden Harper. Your aunt invited me to dinner.”

Genelle could feel the wheels turning in her head as she reflected on Aunt Bab’s comments on her attire earlier. So this is why she wanted me to look my best for dinner. Trying to process what was happening, she slammed the door in his face and rushed towards the kitchen. “Aunt Babs!” she yelled. “What did you do?”

She was on the popcorn aisle, trying to decide whether to remain loyal to Orville Redenbacher or try some other brand, when she heard a male voice call softly, “Genelle?” The voice sounded so familiar. When she whirled around, she saw Miles standing on the same aisle. He was wearing jogging shorts and a fitted T-shirt that showed off his muscular build. He walked towards her. “Hey there, I didn’t expect to run into you here.” Genelle, almost dropping the popcorn on the floor, willed herself to remain cool, calm, collected and distant. “Hey, Miles, yeah I’m just getting a few items.” Those familiar dimples appeared as he smiled, “How have you been?”


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